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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  March 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the police have been out here. i don't know why something hasn't been done. neighbors rescue three young children locked inside a urine soaked bedroom allegedly by their parents. plus hidden allergens. the triggers or allergies are often hiding in your home. we'll show you common problem areas and how to fix them. also, the world reacts to tonight's presidential address on libya. >> this is 9news now. president obama says it was simply inconsistent with american values to allow gadhafi to slaughter his own people. >> and tonight the president came before the nation to make the case for u.s. military interaction saying he's kept his promise to keep our involvement limited while at the same time upholding ideals that would have
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been tarnished had we done nothing. the president came to answer three key questions about the conflict. >> what we've done, what we plan to did and why this matters to us. >> what we've done, said the president, is form an international coalition to stop an impending massacre after gadhafi ignored several warnings and nine days ago had his troops bearing down. >> if we waited one more day, a city nearly the size of charlotte could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscious of the world. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. i refused to let that happen. >> hence, the no fly zone and the continuing attacks on gadhafi's forces from the air.
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no ground troops emphasized the president and nato takes over in two days. but if gadhafi is the problem, why not try to take him out? >> if we tried to overthrow him by force, we would likely have to put u.s. troops on the ground or risk killing many sillvillians. >> he never commented -- civilians. >> he never commented how long this could cost. remembering, the democracies in egypt are right next door. >> the democratic impulses that are dawning across the region will be eclipsed by the darkest form of dictatorship. as repress siv leaders conclude power. >> so tonight's speech was saying in effect that for relatively little cost, america is doing a tremendous good in libya. here at home we're learning about a couple trapping their children in their home naked. a little girl, two toddlers and an infant were rescued after the
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4-year-old managed to escape. we've also discovered the children's mother was accused of child neglect six years ago. delia gongalves is live with more information on the case. >> reporter: anita, tonight we can tell you that neighbors say christina moore lost custody of her twin 8-year-old boys. she was charged with neglecting them when they were about two years old. at the time police found the boys wandering around a landfill, no shoes on and wearing only diapers. now when neighbors hear what police say happened saturday inside this home behind me, well, they say they're not surprised. >> i've always suspected and i'm just glad it's over with. >> reporter: kim has had her doubts about her neighbor 26-year-old christina moore. >> you know, it doesn't surprise me. i'm glad that 4-year-old is brave enough to get out and get help. >> reporter: moore and her boyfriend are behind bars accused of trapping their girls
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ages 4, 2 and four months nude and in a bedroom full of feces and urine. police say the couple nailed a five foot tall piece of drywall over the doorway. >> there was a door that had been all beaten up and kicked in. it was filthy. it was laying out by the trash. so i thought obviously something has happened in the house and they need to get a new door. i'm wandering if that was the door they took off the hinge. >> reporter: police say when the couple was asleep saturday night around 9:00, the 4-year-old scaled the wall and ran next door for help. >> and to go to the neighbors and tell the neighbors what's been going on, that is great. >> reporter: neighbors say christine grew up in the home her father still owns. she's a high school dropout, lost custody of her twin boys and now these allegations, those who knew her are both frustrated and disappointed. >> children are god's gift to us and we're supposed to watch over
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them. >> i have seen police, ambulances, i don't know why things haven't been out here later. the police are in that house. i can't believe nobody had done anything sooner about it. >> reporter: well, here is the good news, the detectives tell us it appears the girls were only in the room for about a day, less than a day, in fact. and they say there were no obvious signs of physical abuse or malnutrition. the girls are safe to night. they're in the custody of child protective services. the parents are behind bars charged with child abuse and neglect. anita and derek. >> thank you. hard to fathom. standardized test scores at the district noise education center sored under school chancellor michelle rhee. but tonight partners question how valid those results are. the numbers of students identified as proficient or even advanced rose from 10-58% in
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just two years. however, they found most classrooms had a high rate of erasures on tests were wrong answers were consistently changed to right ones. in one classroom there were so many changes the statistician says you have a better chance of winning powerball than making so many accurate changes. >> it wasn't done at the classroom level. it was done after the test left the class and possibly before they arrived downtown. >> well, i think we should assume the erasures were done by students. if they were not done by students, then i think we have a testing violation. >> and the current chancellor confirms eight schools, including noyes were flagged for a second look after test scores. all were cleared of any wrongdoing. dc mayor vince gray did not talk about the controversy in his state of address but he did say, and we quote, it's no secret our schools are not yet where we would like them to be. gary covered the story and he is
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here. tough times in the budget. >> reporter: there is a lot more federal cuts, and here it's going to mean big cuts. >> this year's budgets will have deep cuts. but still almost $325 million of cuts and new revenue are still needed for the city to emerge with a balanced budget. >> reporter: they see student increase that means revitalization. >> but as we grow, we also need to be sure that our city is a place where those that have been here for many years can continue to have this as a place they can call home. >> reporter: he sees the anacostia river as a great divide he wants to overcome. >> in a city that has been growing, the child poverty rate east of the river is doubled, yes double the natural average. in one of the healthiest cities in america, the rate of hiv aids infection east of the river is as severe as it is in africa. it's the highest rate of infection in the united states
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by a wide margin. >> reporter: the mayor also repeated that education reform is a priority for him and the one thing that he hears most when he listens to citizens around the city is the need for jobs. something he promises to aggressively pursue. >> wait a second, gary. the mayor has been in there for just over three years. we have allegations of miss doings, all sorts of things, if any of that come up. >> reporter: he talked about it but only obliquely. let me quote a speech. one of the biggest applause lines came when he said as an elected official i have discharged my responsibilities with honor and respect for the public trust. let me assure you that will not change, he said. if that trust is violated, you can expect swift action, he added. nothing more explicit than that. >> all right. i appreciate it. thank you, sir. well, questions about the scandal did come up at the dc council as local lawmakers were asking when it comes to getting a good job in dc government, is
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it the best person of the job or the person with the best connections? it seems even council members disagree on that one. >> there is a political cast system in the city, and in an effort to get a job in this administration, you need to know someone. it bothers me that he will make these loose and wild statements that this government is for sale. it's a [ bleep ] lie. >> that little exchange took place at a hearing and the allegations of improper hiring practices all from prior mayoral candidate brown. mayor gray says it's not so. killed for less than $20. that is what police believe happened to a dominoes pizza delivery driver. emergency crews took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. we spoke to his mother tonight
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who says she feels like she is living through hell. >> for me to lose my son like this. if he was in a car accident or something. but somebody just took his life for $13. >> in fact, it's dominoes policy drivers do not carry any more than $20 with them. so far no arrests in the crime. paul bennett leaves behind a son. an update now on a second murder also in prince george's county. this time in capitol heights. the man found shot at the shell station on central avenue early this morning is 20-year-old brian cooper of dc. he later died at the hospital. officers are trying to figure out whether the shooting stems from an incident at the msgoodnight club nearby. a 14-year-old girl fascinated with vampires and a 28-year-old man who tried to sink his teeth into her life. that is what the sheriff's
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department says it's been investigating. christopher rodriguez met the 14-year-old online devoted to vampires. they allegedly traded nude photos and then held an online vampire wedding. investigators say rodriguez then hopped a train up from miami, planning to have sex with the girl after instructing the teenager to knock her mom out with a cocktail of sleeping pills. well, before it got that far, the teenager told her mom all about it who called in the sheriff and tonight rodriguez is behind bars charged with soliciting a minor. still ahead tonight, a health alert on hidden allergens. >> my throat was hurting me. >> see these nasty little fellas, often times a trigger to your allergies is in your own home. >> i'll take you room to room and reveal problems where allergens hide. plus we'll show you easy solutions. hidden allergens. that is coming up. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we did not make it out of the 40s today. our average high is in the low
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60s. here is your wake up weather, clear across the board cold. mid 20s-30s to start and only in the 30s by 9:00 a.m. not much wind. we'll come back and make changes to the forecast. ♪ ♪
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right now workers at the damaged plant in japan are delicately trying to pump in some new water hoping to cool down the reactor core. but that only creates a second problem. that is finding a place to store the contaminated water. the good news, officials say some of the plutonium collected in soil around the plant is apparently not new. it may be weeks before the plant is stabilized and it may be years before they can clean up all of the contamination at the complex. in tonight's health alert, 'tis the season for allergies. april is typically the start of our spring allergy season. but it's not just the great outdoors that pose a problem. there are plenty of irritants lurking right inside our homes and these indoor allergens often hide where you would least expect them. kerry expects her allergies to flare up outside but not indoors. >> my throat was hurting me and i was getting a lot of pressure in here and bad headaches. >> reporter: the culprit were dust mites inside her house, and
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they lurk where a lot of us seek comfort. >> any woven material is a breeding ground for the dust bites. that includes the bedding, any stuffed animals, drapes, carpeting. those are all places where dust mites tend to be numerous. >> reporter: since they're sensitive to ex treme temperatures, you can get rid of them by throwing items in a hot wash or by putting them in a freezer every two weeks. keep carpets clean and for those really suffering things like mattress and pillow covers can help as well. and did you know if you have shower curtains or non-slip bathtub mats, there is a chance they can make you sick too. >> the thing with those is that they're in moist areas where water tends to be sitting still and that is a ground. >> reporter: these spots should be cleaned once every two weeks. good ventilation is also key for keeping mold at bay. >> and while water is great for
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your plant's soil, it may not be so good for your allergies. >> that can be a breeding ground for mold. so patients with mold allergy, that can happen too. >> reporter: so avoid overwatering and consider using a dehumidifier. and did you know that new paint or furniture can actually trigger asthma attacks. both can give off voc, volatile organic compound. next time you remodel, look for low or no voc paint and furniture. >> don't forget your heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, allergens love to take hold in those units and keep causing problems. you need to get them cleaned every season. >> okay. i never heard of volatile organic compound. >> okay. >> but i had heard of pet dander. what about that? >> not so hidden but definitely a real problem for folks. pet owners who want to keep their beloved answerers despite allergies need to -- beloved
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pets despite of allergies, they need to keep them out of the bedroom. more hidden allergens in the morning. one we can't live without. >> what would that be? >> hum. top, we can't live without our coats. it's freezing. >> no, we can't. >> what is this? >> 47 today. our average high is now 61. we were really spoiled last week. we really were. >> wait a minute. it rained all last week. >> i mean a week ago friday that was 80 degrees. march has gone back now to a winter pattern. >> yes, it has. >> it's not going to change for a while. we'll zoom in. this is our next storm. it's already producing a little bit of snow in portions of nebraska and iowa. and a cold, cold rain in missouri. that is essentially what is heading our way as we get into wednesday. not to say we couldn't see a morning mix, though, in some of the suburbs early on wednesday morning. we are still clear. and we are calm in terms of wind. and we have a very dry air mass. the temps are falling very, very quickly tonight. again, the kids are going to fight you tomorrow for a coat. they need a coat.
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active and a chilly weather pattern. you need sunglasses tomorrow along with the coat and then you need your umbrella by wednesday also with a coat. and blustery for thursday for the nats game. but we've actually tapered back the amount of precipitation. so some good news for thursday if you plan on seeing the game. all right, here is our future cast. tomorrow morning there is no clouds anywhere. we're clear. grab your sunglasses. by lunch time or a little before, just some high clouds. no real problems. we clear out again tomorrow evening. a few high clouds back to the south. maybe south of 66. manassas and culpeper and back into fredericksburg. then we get into the early morning hour on wednesday just after midnight. clouds thick yeng up a little bit -- thickening up a little bit. we could see a brief mixture of rain on wednesday but more than anything a cold rain will develop wednesday. overnight clear skies and cold again. 24-32. winds out of the northwest at ten. this is why you don't put
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flowers in the ground yet. that and the fact the ground isn't warm enough. dom 20s and 30s. -- tomorrow 20s and 30s. by afternoon, plenty of sunshine. i mean, a bright day. cool. need sunglasses. high temperatures 50-55 and wind out of the northwest to ten. everybody should creep up to 50. 51 in if rockville. maybe 53 in springfield. 53 out towards college park and bowie. to the west, 52 in fairfax but barely 50 in reston and sterling and manassas. we'll break down tomorrow. a coat in the morning no doubt. 24-32 to start. by noon we're still talking temps in the 40s. and then by 5:00, sunshine, temperatures between 50 and 55. average highs in the low 60s. a little shy of the average. now, the next three days, we go downhill on wednesday with rain. maybe a morning mix. only 46. and we have tapered off the rain now on thursday for the nats
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game. some showers will be in the forecast. don't think it's going to be a steady rain. it will be blustery and kind of breezy with highs holding in the upper 40s to low 50s. we catch our breath on thursday. another system comes in on friday. cold rain, temps only about 45. then we finally dry out. look at the temperatures back in the mid 50s on saturday. and low 60s on sunday, which after all is average. another system approaches on monday, but it will be on the warm side. showers and rain. but 59. we can handle that. >> and i was going down by the blooms today. they are pretty. >> yes. they're spectacular. tomorrow is the best day this week to see them. >> okay. >> they're peak. every now and then the wizards give me a reason to say, well, something. >> well, what is that? [ laughing ] >> what exactly is that. >> maybe there is hope to get better. >> really? >> you are the most optimistic man i've ever met. every three months they're good for a road win. is it happening? they're in overtime right now. we'll give you the latest from
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utah. looking promising. plus a local legend hangs up his whistle. and tales of shrinkage at the bonds trial. 9 sports next the
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> with two and a half weeks left in the season, the wizards have become the bearded lady of the nba. just a side show. and the reason to watch the side show is that if they don't win one of their 5 remaining road games, they will tie the worst road record in league history at 1-40. first of those five in utah tonight. john wall with a milestone in the second quarter. his 100th steal of the season and he would take that steal coast to coast for the layup. then at the end of the second, this is wall again spinning and scooping. he had 24 in the first half. wizards led the entire second half but they would be down two with 12 seconds to play. look at jordan crawford. shoots the baseline and nails it to send it into overtime. the wizards no lead by six. it could be happening. the caps host carolina tomorrow
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and could have alex ovechkin back. he returned to practice today a week after beginning nursing an injury. and the swing was back in his stride. >> getting closer. i haven't talked to schmidt y abouty about the actual time line. >> the soccer experiment continued as the six time pro bowler played in a developmental game tonight. the first organized soccer match since the 10th grade. and most observers felt it showed. the performance labeled sluggish and imprecise. that doesn't sound very good. [ laughing ] >> for the past 40 years, the easiest job in sports has been the athletic director post with bill mcgregor coaching football, you just unlock the cabinet and
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count the trophies. mcgauge or won 17 -- mcgregor won 17 trophies. >> you never anticipate this day. it's something that essentially has to happen. >> his identity is football and i think it's going to be a transition for him. >> more at mcgregor at dc high it used to be hip to be alberto gonzalez in the nation's capital. he was traded today for pitcher eric davis. also today with three days until opening day, the nationals trim
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the roster to 26. the barry bonds steroid perjury trial continued today with unseemly testimony from his former girlfriend who discussed physical changes bond suffered from the alleged steroids. his head growing and other things shrinking. she also says that bonds became angry and irritable from the drugs. we'll leave it there. finally not all hockey goals require skating. this is from the leaves and red wings game. lying down still sweeps the puck. >> oh, that is nice. >> oh. >> i'm calling that the swiffer goal. if you use a swiffer at home. you know what i'm talking about. >> that's nice. >> gets the dust off the floor. >> i take it it's completely legal. >> it is legal. and with 35 seconds left, the wizards are still up seven. we're going to have road win number two. i don't want to jinx it. >> not looking good. >> if anybody can blow the leads, it's the wizards. ♪
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wizards getting cold. >> 5-5. >> 24 seconds. >> looks like a win. >> that is 9news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> letterman is up next. we'll see you tomorrow. >> night night.
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